The Shadow Conspiracy / Apply

The Shadow Conspiracy. A group of soldiers united by friendship and loyalty. We fight together, as a team. As one. Our skills range from player to player, but our true strength lies in our teamwork. If a team plays as one, that team becomes nigh on impenetrable. TSC strives to become that team.


Here at TSC we have some requirements for joining:

Infantry Requirements

  • All Kits SS 1+
  • Weapon Kills Per Minute of 1.4+
  • 2.5 K/D+

Armour Requirements

  • 25+ SS & 1.2+ KPM in Tanks, IFVs, Anti Air or Attack Boats
  • 2.5 K/D+
  • 800 SPM+

Aerial Requirements

  • 25+ SS in Scout Helicopters
  • 2.5 K/D+

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Gun

Recruitment has been temporarily disabled as we are only playing 8 vs 8 and are not currently looking to expand our team. Please check back closer to Battlefield 1!