TSC is not your average clan.
We don't intend to become one.

We strive to provide the highest level of competitive gaming to gamers in a fair, rewarding and empowering way.


We're the longest surviving competitive battlefield clan. Which is awesome, but it also asks the question. "What type of clan is this?"

The answer is simple, competitive.

We're constantly pushing for a greater competitive presence with an average of 5 matches a week. These are spread across different days and times to ensure that everyone within our community can be involved as much as they want.

But what you get is actually more than that. Remember when I said we weren't your average clan? I meant that. Everything we do is based on the longevity and tenacity of the clan. So you can be sure that TSC will be a clan for as long as you want to be a member and we will be winning for as long as you have the energy to help us.

From our best-in-class strategies which have beaten even the most skilled teams. To our passion for quality communication that top competitive players have appraised. TSC is most definitely a community of players who want an exciting, drama free experience.

We're here to build the clan that every player wants to be in. We're here to win the tournaments that every team wants to compete in. We're here to become the best clan there is.

Ready to join us yet?