The Shadow Conspiracy

Competitive Battlefield Team

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Back for BattlefieldĀ 2042

We’re The Shadow Conspiracy, a competitive gaming clan originating over 10 years ago on Bad Company 2. We have the experience of over 200 clan matches, including Fragged Nation and E-Sport Battlefield tournaments. Boasting many wins made us one of the top Battlefield 4 teams. Now we’re back for Battlefield 2042 and ready to dominate once again.

The new face of eā€‘sports.

This is our statement, and commitment, that we’re back and ready to storm the battlefield. Our new logo and branding represents the latest era of TSC. As we rise from the ashes of Battlefield 4 we welcome new challenges, approaches and exciting competitive esports.

More coming soon!

We’re working hard to build up our new website. Once we have more information we will post it here!

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