The Shadow Conspiracy

Competitive Battlefield Team

An evolutionary tale

When TSC was founded over a decade ago, I didn't realise what it would become. I, A_Rogue_Agent, as I am known on PSN didn't realise how incredible our journey would be. I didn't realise this clan would become my greatest gaming accomplishment.

Not your average clan

We are not your average clan, we do not intend to become one. We have built our legacy on the strong foundations of loyalty, longevity and tenacity. We look for players who will grow with us, strive to become part of our history and are constantly pushing to be better. Individual performance will never outweigh the necessity to put the team first.


End of an era

16th October 2010 was the day TSC was founded. That day was a long time ago.

While our story hasn't finished yet and you can find our tags represented on Battlefield 2042, I am not sure if we will ever play competitively again. Regardless what the next chapter of our story is, it has been a pleasure to lead this team into victory. Should the moment come for me to step up again, I'll always endeavour to do my best. - Rogue